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Solar Energy Uses and future in India !

With the positiveimpetusfrom the people of India and the government in recognizing that solar energy is the future, Enkay Solar Power is pleased to be here as one of the most reputed solar panel manufacturers in India.

Quality – We never compromise

With the best solar panels in business till date, Enkay Solar Power is proud to announce that we come recommended by many of the leading industries in India. This trust and confidence of the Indian energy market in us is due to our efforts towards the quality we infuse in our creations.
With a bright future for India from emissions and pollutants, we see that solar power panels will be a mainstream accessory in every Indian home.With our vision in creating renewable energy for the market as well as the residential sector, Enkay’s branded solar panels are the best bet on returns for your investment.

Tried and Tested

With continuous improvement in the field of innovation on solar panels, our experts bring out the most efficient solar panels in the market. Easy installation, low maintenance, long lasting solar cells, flexibility and the ease of using it even in remote locations makes our product unique for the entire nation.
Given the significance of solar energy and the power it can generate within hours at a fraction of the cost, Enkay’s solar panels and modules will power the rural sector in no time. Not only will it provide clean energy to villages, but it will also prevent polluting the environment from the thermal and hydroelectric sector. Apart from this, the investment required is comparatively miniscule as there are no need to bund any dams or create power stations for burning coal.

ROI – A clean and profitable India

The return on investment is the dream of every investor. With Enkay’s branded solar panels and modules, we ensure that you get positive returns on your investments within a short period of time. Many of our clients have achieved their breakeven point well before the projected date and have been satisfied with our product and customer care.
Trust in us and reach out to us today. We are focused on creating a future that will enable to power India with our low cost solar modules and panels at the earliest. With your continued support and confidence in us, we will be able to reach out to you with better energy solutions in future.

Do reach out to us today to know more about our innovations.