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  • To develop large scale solar plants and Mega Solar Parks capable of harvesting huge amounts of solar energy for efficient disposal.
  • Be a part of the energy access programs for development of rural and remote areas utilising solar energy.
  • Test new technologies through pilot project initiatives that foster the commercial progress of solar energy.
  • To ensure the furtherance of ESP goals by the correct exchange and distribution of ideas and resources that promotes integrated solar power generation projects with conventional & renewable sources.


To nurture the development of affordable technologies and services that facilitates the advancement of renewable energy with the aim of contributing to the continuance of energy security and a sustainable future.


  • To become a global leader in driving the renewable energy industry with new technology and dependable energy solutions.
  • Be a manufacturer of high quality solar energy superlative products and impeccable service for our consumers.
  • Offer valued added expertise and service in every endeavour.
  • Be a cost-effective and dependable energy consultant and partner with trustworthy renewable energy supply options.
  • Foster a motivating environment for the sustenance of a future based on renewable energy.